Vulcan Solar Security Fence Systems are an effective alternative to conventional methods of Fence in many ways. The modern solar security Fence systems are active and punish any unwelcome intruder tampering with or even touching the fence. A mild shock is administered which stuns the unwelcome intruder momentarily and ensures that they do not come back. At the same time an alarm is triggered which alerts the inmates who can then tackle the unwelcome intruder. The system comes with a back-up facility to ensure continuous running even during night time and on cloudy days. In addition, it is the least expensive, safest and most secure method when compared to having walls, human guards or watchdogs.
They are ideal for individual houses, apartments, industries, commercial units, agricultural lands, forest villages and any areas requiring very high security.

Solar Security Fence Systems are for the following applications:

General Security Fence - Domestic Security FenceSecurity Fence is primarily meant to ward off predators, thieves, trespassers and vandals. Major applications are to protect residences, warehouses, schools, colleges and other educational institutions, manufacturing units, gated communities and police stations from any intrusion. The system shall not only detect but also deny intrusion by administering a short, sharp but safe shock to the intruder.

High Security Fence - High security Fence is an advanced version of normal security Fence systems. They come with a PC High Security Fence based Central Monitoring Station (CMS), which includes CCTV cameras, video surveillance cameras, flood lighting systems and SMS Alerts which control as well as monitor all the powering units installed within the premises. All systems and components are adaptable to specific requirements of the clients and can also be upgraded as and when necessary. The entire system is a fool-proof design, engineered to protect the premises from all types of intrusions.

Agricultural Security Fence - These fences are designed to agricultural Agricultural Security Fencecrops from domestic and wild animals like wild boar, monkeys, cows, buffaloes, gaur and daisy. Fences are designed to ward off targeted animals and can be installed around the crops using existing posts. The posts can be of wood, RCC, Stone etc properly grouted into the ground to carry fence strands around the perimeter

Forest Security Fence - These fences are designed to protect villages, communities, resorts located in or near forest areas. Forest Security Fence The primary threat to the occupants in such properties is from wild elephants and bears. The fence generally consists of 5 strands from ground level with fence height of about 6ft. Recommended posts for the construction are MS, Galvanised of 8.5ft length. The fence may also have elephant capping to protect metal posts from wild elephants.

Working Function
The powering unit consists of a Single Channel Energizer, Alarm Unit, Charger, Battery, Metal enclosure and a Neon Tester. One powering unit can cover a length of 12000 running meters. The gate can also be electrified without causing any inconvenience to users. This denies entry into the premises by climbing upon the gates. An alarm is raised upon tampering, cutting of the strands, short circuiting of the live and ground strands, climbing the fence with the help of heavy-duty insulation, Battery-low, unauthorized switching off of the energizer etc.

A properly designed Fence system can be the least expensive high-security Fence system as well as the safest and most secure method for providing complete security to occupants and property when compared to any traditional methods. The fence does not sleep and cannot be bribed and requires practically zero maintenance. A well designed Fence system has greater deterrent value than a guard of watch dog.