Solar water heating systems are ideal for producing hot water that can be used for bathing and washing. They consist of collectors and an insulated storage tank that can be easily mounted on the roof of a house or building. These systems are ideal for individual houses, apartment complexes, hotels, NZ casino, hospitals, community centres, resorts, agro farms, bio-farms, cattle farms, biological industries, paint shops, wash stations, industries, boiler feed, service stations, leather processing industries etc.

They generate hot water without the use of electricity or any other fuel.
Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days also.
Optional ISI electric back-up heater available.
Huge savings on electricity and fuel charges.
30% Government Subsidy available.

Solar Water Heating Systems are of the following two types

Flat Plate Collector System - FPC

Comes with sturdy and durable equipment
Long lasting
Maximum heat absorption and retention
Back-up Electrical heater for non-sunny days
PUFF insulated SS tank for durability and efficiency
Pressurised and Heat Exchanger System
Reliable, Affordable, Versatile
Sacrificial Anode for tank protection
Variety of system as per the need of the customer
Screw-Less tank fitting
Black Chrome Selective coated collector for more efficiency
Large number of installations
Easy to install
Bigger system with force flow circulation possible
Leak proof
Collectors are with better efficiency

Evacuated Tube Collector System - ETC

Worlds latest solar water heating technology
Specially designed for Indian conditions
Highly economical. Energy Saver
Good thermal efficiency
Best Vacuum insulated glass tube
Special grade Borosilicate glass tube
Specially black coated three layered glass tube
MNRE approved
Occupies less space when compared to FPC system
Installation is possible in hard-water areas
PUFF insulated SS tank
Screw-Less tank fitting
Electrical back-up provided for non-sunny days
Nil maintenance
Long life – for 20 years
Available in various capacities
Auto-sun tracking due to the round surface
Starts heating quickly.
Tubes are delicate. Handle with care