India is one of the potential countries for solar power generation with availability of above 300 sunny days in year with solar insulation of 5.5 to 6 KWH / Sq. Mtr.
The solar power generator consists of solar photovoltaic modules, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU), Battery Bank, Module Mounting Structure (MMS), cables and other accessories.
Solar Photovoltaic modules converts sun light into electric energy (DC Power) during day time and charge the battery through control unit. The generated DC power from solar modules will be converted into AC power through PCU and supplied to the connected load.
As of now there are 3 types of solar powered systems which are grid tie, grid tie with provision of battery backup and off grid.

The grid tie solar power system is connected directly to the utility loads.

There are addition of battery backup, the grid tie with battery backup.

The off grid system is independent of the utility grid. It is the best option in areas where electricity is not available and power interruption. The system has the same configuration as the grid tie with battery backup. However the inverter used is different.

Features and Benefits of the System:
Reliable and cost effective in unreliable grid power situation.
Absolutely pollution free green power.
Clean silent and always on condition.
Easy to install and requires negligible maintenance.
Specially designed systems for Indian weather conditions are available.
Works on solar and also on AC mains depending on the availability of sunlight.
Dual charging facility (Solar on AC mains charging which is available).
30% government subsidy available.
80% accelerated depreciation.
Avoid power interruptions and saving electricity bills.
Solar energy unlimited, readily available and uninterrupted.